About Herb Rubenstein Consulting


Herb Rubenstein Consulting (HRC) is a network of consultants specializing in business, marketing, strategic planning, finance, organizational development, and sustainability. With offices located at the World Trade Center in Denver, Colorado, and throughout Colorado, HRC works as a partner with business and governmental clients in long-term, high-value, consulting relationships. In this rapidly changing world, organizations engage HRC to enhance their profitability, promote program and organizational effectiveness, improve employee performance, increase sales, and achieve measurable improvements in key performance areas.

HRC’s consultants are authors of books and articles, public speakers, and have extensive experience as senior, C-level executives in business, government, and non-profit organizations. Our consultants are senior project managers, finance experts, sales directors, general counsels, program evaluators, marketing managers, and have prepared and executed large-scale business, operational and strategic plans. Among our consultants are our Chief Economist who worked at the Federal Reserve, and our Chief Scientist who worked at the U.S. Geological Survey.

Our Services Include:

  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and Governance Training and Consulting
  • Organizational Development and Change Management
  • Marketing, Media Communications, and Sales Consulting
  • Business Finance and Operations Improvement Consulting
  • Government Program Planning, Design, Execution, and Evaluation
  • Customized Business, Entrepreneurial, and Organizational Consulting
  • Government Benefits Consulting for Businesses and Large-Scale Nonprofits
  • Sustainability Consulting: Energy Use, Environmental Footprint, Employee Engagement

For more information about Herb Rubenstein Consulting, contact Herb Rubenstein, President, at herb@sbizgroup.com , or 347.916.1317. Please visit our website at www.herbrubenstein.com.

255 Dean Street, Unit #1
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Cell: 303-910-7961