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THE ALLEN LUNCH: THE EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE NETWORKING TOOL - You have heard of the "Allen Wrench." It comes with every put it together yourself piece of furniture,"L" shaped, with six... Herb Rubenstein  
THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL DIAGNOSTICS - The term "organizational development" is one of the most widely used terms in all of business, the nonprofit world, and... Herb Rubenstein  
THE NEW STANDARDS FOR BUSINESS PLANS - Today, business plans are funded at the rate of 1 in 1000. How does a good business plan defeat these tough odds? More importantly, how does an ongoing business... Herb Rubenstein  
ENHANCING SUSTAINABILITY IN MANUFACTURING IN AMERICA - Much work has been done in the area of sustainability in manufacturing in the United States. Virtually everyone agrees that much.. Herb Rubenstein  
ETHICAL LEADERSHIP: THE STATE OF THE ART - There has been much work attempting to develop a general theory of leadership. Trait, transactional, transformational, path-goal, contingency and situational... Herb Rubenstein  
THE BUSINESS CASE FOR ETHICS IN BUSINESS - The huge costs of Enron, Global Crossing, Tyco, MCI//WorldCom, Clinton, Catholic Church, Milken, and so many other ethical failures should make a.. Herb Rubenstein  
LIVING AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE - Robert White’s book, Living An Extraordinary Life is not about extraordinary people at all. The book is about you and me, your brothers, your sisters, you children, your...

Robert White

Book Review by Herb Rubenstein

THE DUTY TO BE MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND MORALLY FIT - Since starting this article over five years ago, I have written one book and over 75 articles, numerous legal briefs and thousands of emails... Herb Rubenstein  
BUILDING THE BRIDGE BETWEEN STRATEGIC PLANNING AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION - The field of strategic planning is undergoing an identity crisis . The Strategic Leadership.. Herb Rubenstein  
CREATING AN INDIVIDUAL PLATFORM - In related articles I have written about the distinction between what a “leader” does in organizations and what a “leader of leader” does. Today, many leaders in America.. Herb Rubenstein  
RONALD A. HEIFETZ SPEECH ON LEADERSHIP TO THE INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP ASSOCIATION'S ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Ronald Heifetz is Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the JFK School at ... Summarized by Herb Rubenstein  
WHY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IS SUCH A HARD SELL IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION - As a practicing lawyer for 26 years, and a graduate of the largest law school in America, Georgetown University, I... Herb Rubenstein  
THE LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION: THE HANDBOOK FOR DEFINING YOUR ROLE IN 21st CENTURY - I would like to thank Maureen McDonald of the Denver Metro Chamber Foundation... Herb Rubenstein  
THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LEADERS AND "LEADERS OF LEADERS" - Trustee Leadership. Total Leadership. Assigned Leadership. Connective Leadership. Balanced Leadership. Muscular Leadership... Herb Rubenstein  
THE TYRANNY OF DEAD IDEAS: Letting Go of the Old Ways of Thinking to Unleash a New Prosperity - In his book, The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, Matt Miller proposes three facts that are poised to shape.. by Matt Miller,
Book Review by Mike Powers and Herb Rubenstein
The Platform Driven Organization - The purpose of this article is to shed light on two key developments in the field of leadership that are significantly impacting organizations today. These two new developments are.. Herb Rubenstein  
Sustainability and Recession: A Sobering Perspective - For some, "sustainability" is all the rage. The City of Golden has an active "Community Sustainability Advisory Council." Seattle has an Office of.. Herb Rubenstein  
FROM NETWORKING TO TEAM BUILDING: Is Networking Dead? - For years now “networking” has been all the rage. Networking coaches, career counselors and organizational development consultants all espouse.. Herb Rubenstein  
A NEW TIMING FRAMEWORK FOR THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS - The strategic planning process is often viewed as a series of steps. Based on coursework in the MBA program at George.. Herb Rubenstein and Jessica O'Connor-Petts  
The More Effective To Do List: The "To Stop" List - The "to do" list is a staple of executives, house wives, college students, and even elementary school students whose parents have drilled into their heads staying "on... Herb Rubenstein  
THE BENEFITS OF MOVING OUT OF YOUR HOME OFFICE - The day after the first draft of this article was written, an unusual commercial appeared on TV. It was four adults sitting in a bedroom waiting for... Herb Rubenstein  

MANAGING FOR THE LONG RUN: Lessons in Competitive Advantage from Great Family Businesses - The book, Managing for the Long Run, explores family controlled businesses (FCBs)...

Book Review by Mike Powers and Herb Rubenstein  
First, Break All The Rules: What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently - One factor in determining how long an employee is willing to stay with an organization is the quality of the management to... Book Review by Herb Rubenstein  

DEFINING MOMENTS - In 131 very readable pages Professor Joseph Badaracco invites the reader to become familiar with some of the most insightful and rewarding questions we can ask in our time. Professor...

Book Review by Herb Rubenstein  

COACHING FOR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL MASTERY - This article is based in part on my participation at an event where Julio Olalla gave an address sponsored by The Georgetown University...

Herb Rubenstein  

A Company of Citizens: What the World’s First Democracy Teaches Leaders About Creating Great Organizations - The authors combine their extensive knowledge of the Athenian culture with their real ...

Book Review by Herb Rubenstein  

THE FUTURE OF THE HUMAN CAPITAL INDUSTRY - The term “human capital” was popularized by Gary Becker in 1963. Dr. Becker and Dr. Theodore Schultz made the term permanent in the field of ...

Herb Rubenstein  

THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF HEALTH CAR - The Brave New World of Health Care directly confronts the issue of rapidly rising health care costs. The book is both a call to action, and it is a call to start the debate...

Book Review and Commentary by:
Herb Rubenstein and Leon Masiewicki


The Disciplines of CRM - In 2000, the following prediction was made by IDC and reported by PR Newswire: “According to the CRM Market Forecast and Analysis prepared by IDC, the world's leading provider..

Herb Rubenstein and
Anne Stanton

INVESTOR AND DONOR RELATIONS PRESENTATIONS - Obtaining investors or donors (in the nonprofit world) in this market is not easy. What used to pass for an adequate presentation to a group of ...

Herb Rubenstein and
Adam Levin


HOW TO PREPARE YOUR SPEECH AND OVERCOME SPEAKING ANXIETY - It has been reported that the fear of public speaking is the number one phobia in America today. There are currently at least...

Herb Rubenstein  

THE FUTURE OF ROAD BUILDING - The title for my speech, New and Future Technology in Roadbuilding, has let me learn about research in many countries, as well as ongoing activities here in the United States. In 1999...

Herb Rubenstein


THE DEATH OF COMPETITION: LEADERSHIP AND STRATEGY IN THE AGE OF BUSINESS ECOSYSTEMS - I read The Death of Competition for the first time in 1996 and have returned to it often...

Book Review and Commentary by Herb Rubenstein  

Measuring “MARPERATIONS™” – A New Measure of Business Success - Whether it is in business school, successful corporations, or in motivational speeches, we have all heard over and...

Arjun Sen
Herb Rubenstein


"MARPERATIONS™" The New Science of Business - Graduate schools of business have long sought to create a science of business. From Frederick Taylor to Peter Drucker, who "practically invented...

Arjun Sen
Herb Rubenstein

BUSINESS PLANNING AND STRATEGIC PLANNING REVISITED - Recently, it came to my attention that a well known consulting firm is now charging between $300,000 and $350,000 to write business...

Herb Rubenstein


Metro Denver: A Future Headquarters Destination - This forward looking paper, and the study that it proposes, present a road map for how Metro Denver can significantly enhance its appeal to corporations looking...

Herb Rubenstein,
Tim Matanovich,
Matt Kelly

The Challenges and Potential of Boards of Advisors and Boards of Directors For Emerging Technology Companies - Boards of Advisors and Boards of Directors for emerging technology firms can provide...

Herb Rubenstein