Sustainable World

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been aware that we have the power to create and we have to power to destroy. We are businessmen and women of Herb Rubenstein Consulting committed to helping our clients be profitable, manage and develop their employees to assist them in being productive, and in causing as little environmental damage as is consistent with producing desired goods and services at a reasonable price.

We define "sustainable business practices" as: The optimal use of human, material, and financial resources to produce the desired good and services for the long run .

We promote energy conservation. We promote the use of renewable energy resources when practicable. We promote honest business practices. We promote the wise use of resources. We promote profitability by identifying market approaches that are better, and produce more value than the products and services that are currently on the market. We promote international trade when it is done on a level playing field, never using child labor, causing serious environmental damage, and never making a nation's economy completely vulnerable to the economy of another nation.

We have the capability to raise the standard of living of most of the world and at the same time not exhaust our natural resources or significantly harm our environment. A sustainable world is one where there will be ample resources not only for the next generation, but for the next tens of thousands of years for humans, animals, and plant species. The resources of the world are precious and even if they are now traded on the open market for pennies, every business, every government, every economy, and every human being must keep waste and wasteful uses of our resources to a minimum, consistent with solid business practices.

In this website, you will see articles written by Herb Rubenstein Consulting consultants on sustainability. We are merely one of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of firms, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to the principles of sustainability. We thank the millions of human beings each day who promote and live consistently with the principles of sustainability. It can be rewarding, profitable, lead to greater employee productivity and loyalty, and is our best insurance policy that the earth will be habitable for the indefinite future.