From LifeSource Health Partners:

"Herb Rubenstein Consulting is the most dynamic, beneficial, and purposeful group of professional consultants I have ever met. Hiring Herb Rubenstein Consulting is like having your own private business mentor to not only teach but also move things along in a way that could NOT be accomplished alone! There's no issue too small, too large, too simple or too complex for this group to tackle efficiently, effectively, and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend their services."

From Information Experts:

"We have been working with Herb Rubenstein, the founder of Herb Rubenstein Consulting, since we started our business. He has helped our business grow from our kitchen table to this year's INC 5000 list. Today, Herb Rubenstein Consulting has a unique ability to aid with Human Resource, Finance, Marketing issues, and key areas of management that we have as a rapidly growing company. Herb Rubenstein Consulting is able to anticipate our future challenges and helps us prepare for them well in advance. We have found the Herb Rubenstein Consulting keen ability to connect our company to exactly the people we need when we need them, to be very valuable in our growth trajectory."

From McBassi & Company:

"Herb Rubenstein Consulting has assisted our company raised needed capital, developed new market segments, helped us develop our successful marketing strategy, and helped our Board of Directors be brilliantly effective. Our association with the Herb Rubenstein Consulting has been a long standing one and we expect to benefit from the great consulting services of this company for many years into the future."